Adjusting your mindset


Growing a company has so many daily struggles, it’s important to not only have the right structure which allows growth to be possible, but also to have the right mindset.

Speaking with a mentor or someone with Startup experience is always a major help when identifying and later focusing on attributes to help keep your head in the right direction:

  • Passion – this need to be coming out of your ears. Complete obsession on making your company great is a must
  • Feedback – Taking criticism should not be a step back, but a JUMP forward! Most see this issue as a negative, but just imagine if an industry expert can save you 6 Months of work by telling you to pivot now, rather than follow your original plan…(buy that man a beer!)
  • Resilience – There will be more setback than you can even imagine. Know this. Accept it and be prepared. It’s simply a part of growing a company.
  • Execution – This is my most important attribute when I evaluate a company. Regardless of the team or Product-Market-Fit, etc, if the company cannot execute, they have nothing.


As a reminder, I keep points like these on a small note pad on my desk. Recaping on a daily or weekly basis helps to keep me focused.

Stay focused. Stay humble. And execute!

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