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CurveSYS™ sensors are ideal for hard-to-reach surfaces. The globally patented CurveSYS™ sensor technology enables round, rectangular, or polygonally shaped objects to be detected. We provide flexible contact and pressure sensor solutions for any environment.

Global Impact Alliance is a courageous stand for the potential of humanity to evolve in mindset and create systems that ensure an equitable, purpose-driven, and sustainable 21st century.

RD Consulting provides M&A and StartUp Ventures Consulting to small and medium-sized enterprises.
We focus on established “Old Economy” companies​ and rising “New Economy” companies such as eCommerce, FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Social Media, Online Gaming and eSports StartUps.

It’s not an e-bike: it’s too fast. It’s not a moped: it has no pedals. It’s a noped, defining a new category of electric two-wheelers. The clear and contemporary design incorporates technology with an active lifestyle for a modern riding experience. The Pocket Rocket is the perfect urban commuter vehicle.