It just so happens that this blog topic came to me in the same week as Thanksgiving. Coincidence or not, it’s where my head is right now.

If you asked me 12 Months ago, where I would be today, the answer would be astonishingly close. The difference is how I got here.

It has been an absolute physical, spiritual and most importantly emotional roller coaster. Nothing went as planned, and everything took longer than expected. I’ve had to step away from a few people in my life, creating needed distance which I never thought would be necessary. I was hurt and disappointed so many times on multiple levels. Nonetheless I am thankful for these experiences. Sounds funny but once the emotion has settled, I was able to reflect and grow. I honestly could have done with half of the pain, but that’s how it went.

During this emotional metamorphosis many new people have entered my life. All of whom are a perfect fit to my mindset: extremely positive, honest, transparent and loyal. One individual in particular has become a good friend.

While the last year had more valleys than peaks, it was worth it. I sold my business ORSON and will be staying on as managing director to grow it with more drive than ever. For the journey up to this point, I am thankful. For those who supported me, I am thankful. And even for the arduous times with self-minded individuals, I am also thankful. It would be too easy to reflect and become bitter. Instead I shall not focus on the pain, but the growth. Most importantly I am thankful for the ability to forgive and move forward. This was a hidden gift which I can hopefully pass on to you.

Stay humble. Stay positive. Stay hungry.

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