You have no idea what your customers want…

“I know exactly what my customers want” is a red-flag statement I hear from founders. Normally this is when I surprise them by slamming my hand on the table to get their undivided attention. BAMMM! “No, you actually have no idea what your customer wants”, is my reply.

While this is a clear overstatement, I get my point across, and we start working together on understanding the target audience better. Very few businesses understand exactly what their target audience needs and how their product fills that gap. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Your ideas on growing your company or building your product, are just that, your views. Get it? Regularly I try to understand what the consumer or end client would feel when using a service. Not just on a superficial level, but really taking time to allow myself to ponder over this idea. Why do they need this? Or is it just nice to have? How can we truly solve their problem, and therefore create real value? Understanding these questions better will help your product-development-process. You’ll have more direction.

Change your perspective.

Easily said and tough to do – but EXTREMELY important!

One of the hacks which I use quite often, is to simply lie down on the floor and look up. To stare at the ceiling or sky is a view we don’t normally have on a regular basis. This perspective shift can therefore alter your entire thought process. After about 5 Minutes, this meditative position will slow down your blood pressure and by default modify your view of a problem or idea, if you allow it to. At this point you can think about your customer and truly start to imagine how they feel. Sound dumb right? Well it works! Now get up and talk talk talk to your customers. After changing your perspective, getting as much input from them is vital.

The next time you get 15 Minutes alone somewhere, give it a try. Let me know how it worked for you. Similar to most things, you may have to try it a few times to become comfortable.

Stay humble. Stay hungy. Stay focused.

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