Focus vs White Noise

Think about all the things you have to do in life at the moment. If you don’t have a list, shame on you (using your mothers voice) – start managing and prioritizing everything. If I sat down with you and we looked at everything you wanted to achieve over the next 6 months, it would probably be a very long list. This is the first and biggest reason why it never happens. It just stays as a long list.

Have just two things to focus on: one at work and the other in your private life. That’s it. Just two.

Still very important to have a 5 year plan and list of things you want to achieve mid-term, but that is just as an overview. To successfully achieve daily and weekly tasks, you should focus on two things. Pinpoint focus. Before you know it, you’ll look back 3 months from now and have gotten a lot of shit done!

Things move so incredibly fast in our society. Very often I turn off my email for a few hours and put my phone face down. How else am I supposed to concentrate when there is a constant inflow of whatsapp messages and emails whose only goal is to break my concentration?

I know what you’re thinking – “only two goals?” Well listen here Clark Kent, you finish those tasks then we can start setting the bar higher.

Pinpoint focus. What is priority number 1 on your list of thing to do this week? Focus on this and just let the white noise fall.

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