Focus on the Core

Yesterday I had a great call with a young founder. It took about 10 minutes for me to understand his challenge and how I can help him (please prepare ahead of time), but when I did, it was quite easy.

He wanted to know how to scale.

The business plan was great, I loved his vision and he’d already built up a solid network to help him role it out. The problem? He was trying to jump straight to implementing the whole product – which meant he literally had three businesses interconnected which he was trying to implement and scale….. Think about how crazy this is for just one second.

My advice was to start with just one. By focusing on his core product, it would allow him to become a specialist in this field. He would know everything about the industry, the target audience and simply be able to execute his ideas in a more focused manner. Rolling out step 2, 3 and 4 will come later, but if he can’t get the initial service off and running successfully the Uphill Battle will only get bigger. As they say K.I.S.S.

Core Product

Focus on doing 1 thing great. From there you can expand and roll out your entire vision, but if you don’t dominate that first step, you’ll lose value with all your stakeholders.

Now you can go back to looking at the header pic again 😊

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