What if…

The past few years I‘ve gone through a significant change not only in mind-set but more importantly in the words and actions I use. Growing up in California, I have the typical optimistic and overly enthusiastic attitude about a positive future that defines us on the west coast. The major change in my life isn’t major at all but in fact, something that can be easily overlooked. This minor pivot ends up creating massive changes: every day I help a little bit.

Let me explain this better via a few examples:

  • I walk past a bit of trash on the ground and pick it up. Nothing big, sometimes a cigarette butt, other times a wrapper. It’s not saving the planet, but it makes my neighborhood just a little bit cleaner.
  • E-Scooters are everywhere. They are also constantly kicked over, laying on the ground. While I don’t work for Tier, Lime, Bird, Voi etc. I find it disturbing to have pieces of equipment just laying there. It just doesn’t look right. I almost feel sorry for them. Similar to Animism, which feel all things have a soul, I look at those scooters and want to help them. In the end, the street looks nicer when they are standing upright.
  • A few times a week I help someone older or just struggling with a heavy bag or suitcase. If you look for this scenario, you’ll see it everywhere. While I’m quite healthy and strong, many people in the world are not. They need to take their groceries home, walk up the steps with heavy bags, pick up something on the ground they dropped, etc. While a trivial task for me, this is a problem or pain for others. 

What does this all mean? There are three main results that have a significant impact via these small gestures or actions. 1. The person whom I’ve helped, regardless of how small the task (even holding the door open), immediately starts smiling and shows gratitude for as long as I see them. 2. I always feel great after helping someone. Always. Helping those less fortunate is a belief I was raised with and acting on this belief is essential. 3. Through these actions, we help our neighborhood, society, and even the planet.  

“You’re not saving society or the planet” is what you’re probably thinking right now. And you’re right. I am just a single person and have on a global scale an almost insignificant impact. But what if everyone did this? What if every person started being more aware of their surroundings and made 1 small gesture of kindness each day? At the time of this writing, 7,807,321,118 people are living on this planet. Can you imagine the awesomeness of how much global change we call all make if every one of us did 1 positive thing each day to help others or the environment? 

This idea is not only astounding but extremely doable.

Every day, each person, 1 small act = an amazing future.  

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