If you can‘t sell it, they won‘t buy it!

I was speaking with a founder the other day, trying to understand his business. Let’s just say I had to lead him the entire conversation… and I mean literally!

After he introduced himself and explained his company, it took me what felt like 50 follow up questions to understand what he was building 🙄

In the end, I really loved the idea and saw a market fit. His passion for the business was genuine, he was technically very strong (VC’s love technical founders) and he was purpose oriented rather than financially driven. But his pitch was crap! He wasn’t nervous or scared, but he just couldn’t get to the point. Either give me an emotional story or an executive summary. Pick one and go!

I am not going to detail what goes into a great pitch, that you can read here or here or here. But what I will say is you have to pitch extremely well – whenever and to whomever! You have to do it 100 times to create momentum and confidence. Take every critique sincerely (even if you don’t agree), and learn to read people’s reactions. If your audience doesn’t understand, it’s probably not their fault (check the mirror) – so learn to think quickly and jump to the last two slides of your deck in your head.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how great your product or idea is, you have to sell it before anyone can buy it!

(drop the mic)

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