Go slow to move fast.

We live in a hyper-growth world. Constantly sprinting from one meeting to another. Multitasking in between. Scaling. Pushing. Adjusting. Pivoting. All as quick as possible. Sounds great right?

As we should all be constantly learning, the question remains: how are we supposed to be developing skills or a new talent at break neck speeds? We can’t.

Ben Hogan, known for having the technically best golf swing ever, used to practice so slow that the ball would only move a few inches after making contact. Why did he do it? It allowed him to analyze every step and make corrections.

Slowing things down to learn, I mean really learn, is essential. I know what you’re thinking: move fast and break things! Right? Well that’s a great mind-set to build a company, but to build a skill you’ll often grow faster and retain more knowledge by slowing down. Why is the tortoise known for strategically winning the race? He works smarter, not harder.

It’s not always how fast you can do something, but how well. Now go win that race.

3 thoughts on “Go slow to move fast.

  1. Agreed. Classic example of ‘more haste, less speed’. Rushing stuff won’t work. I do think you can bring a sense of urgency to what you do though – for example, moving with energy from one task to the next. But then it’s important to slow down and do it properly (whatever it is) once you’re sat down.

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